ब्लॉक संसाधन केन्द्र एवं ए0आर0पी0 (BRC and ARP)

विकास खण्ड स्तर पर शैक्षिक गुणवत्ता प्रबंधन व सहयोगात्मक पर्यवेक्षण

Block level Administration and management is done by a Block Education Officer with a team of five (5) Academic resource persons (ARP’s) and 13×5=65 (Sixty Five) Shikshak Sankul Members. Though B.E.O. is responsible for providing academic supervision and support and maintaining the quality of education, but managing the big numbers of school and its teachers, it seems difficult to manage everything at the same time. So here comes the concept of ARP’s at block level and Shikshak Sankul mebers at Nyay Panchayat (NPRC) Level.

ARP in Sakaldiha Block
There are 05 Academic resource persons (ARP in short) for 05 specific subjects working at block level. The name and subject of these resource persons are as follows-
  • Shri Ravindra Pratap Singh : ARP Hindi
  • Shri Deen Dayal Pandey : ARP Mathematics
  • Shri Pradeep Kumar : ARP Science
  • Shri Prabhat Patel : ARP Social Science
  • Shri Paramanand Sharma : ARP English

Block Resource Centre is to provide the academic support, to conduct teacher’s training, to encourage creative skills of the teachers organizing workshops, meetings and opportunities with sharing all good practices. B.R.C. Dhaurahara is the educational resources centre for Sakaldiha Block. It’s 6 km. far from Sakaldiha town and situated on Sakaldiha-Kamalpur Road, well connected with road and transport. There are 05 Subject specific resource persons at B.R.C. to manage the training of teachers and to provide the educational support for different subjects. They along with Shikshak Sankuls at Nyay Panchayat Level, conduct academic & co-curricular activities and hold ‘Model lesson’ demonstration for teachers and develop low cost T.L.M. for teaching learning. They also take care of creating congenial environment to facilitate teaching learning process and guide teachers on how they can improve learning levels of children.